TRA: Educates

We understand that wherever you are in your journey into travel risk management, there is always more to understand, consider and to develop strategies for.  If you are new to it, this can sometimes feel over-whelming – where to start?  And for those that are more experienced, it is not always easy to get the buy in from your organisation to prioritise safety programmes and to get budgets to make necessary changes and improvements.

We also understand that fully optimised travel safety programmes can transform the way an organisation authorises, books and ultimately looks after their people when they are away from home.

We provide courses aimed at both individuals and organisations to help them transcend their journey into Travel Risk Management.  We run courses throughout the year across the UK and internationally.  We have a growing portfolio, so please ensure you joining our mailing list to see our latest offering here.

We can also run bespoke workshops and training sessions, particularly useful if you have a group of colleagues or even suppliers! Who would benefit.  Please just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our courses are available in either a workshop or classroom format.  We teach both online and offline, and hybrid options are also available.  Many of our courses will be available online from Q2 2024.


Introduction Courses

Our courses start at an introductory level across a variety of topics associated to Travel Risk Management.  In addition to our introduction to TRM, Risk Management and ISO31030, we also offer courses to introduce specific topics, such as personal security, stake-holder engagement and vendor management.

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Intermediate Courses

Designed to follow on from our introductory courses, our intermediate courses are for those that have a specific interest in a particular area or topic at a deeper level.  In these courses, we provide precise detail about how to consider your area of interest from a TRM perspective, giving you what you need to take back to your job or organisation.

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Introduction Courses:

Many businesses struggle with understanding the full scope of TRM, and whilst individual departments may understand the value of a travel safety programme, getting Executive

buy-in or creating a justification to prioritise over other objectives is not as easy as perhaps it should be.  We offer a series of courses aimed at your C-Suite and department heads, bookers and travellers to introduce the full scope of TRM and how it affects every area of an organisation.

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Organisation Packages:

Any organisation wishing to align with ISO31030 needs to consider not only a training programme for new and existing staff, but also a strategy on how this is audited.  It is not enough to simply point travellers in a direction.  An organisation needs to be able to prove that they have adequately prepared their travellers with regards to health, safety and security for all trips.  We provide organisations with bespoke training programmes and the ability to build the learnings into the traveller safety programme.

Fully auditable, training as staff need it.

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Please note:  The TRA is a partnership organisation made up of consultants, TRM providers and end users.  We aim to provide the best in class, that doesn’t always mean reinventing the wheel! We partner with many organisations to provide our courses.  We are completely transparent, you’ll always know who is running each session in the course detail.  And remember, if you are a member of the TRA, there are often discounts available.