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The Travel Risk Committee is a collective of people, organisations, and experts all with an interest in understanding, implementing and evolving travel safety programmes and travel risk management across our sector.

We serve a purpose to our community by bringing together all the various elements of travel risk, from providers to users, consultants, and standard developers.

Whilst we hope to provide you with a space to learn, to be inspired and to qualify, we also aim to give you a place where you can meet others on your journey, who will help you further your understanding and programme reach.

The full scope of Travel Risk Management is as diverse as the people that it aims to protect.  Whilst we aim to provide information across the entire TRM landscape, it is essential to us that we provide you access to the information that you need.

If you have a question on any of the topics across our website, events or courses, or if you have a question that we’ve not yet answered, please get in touch below.

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