About us

Why the academy?

Travel risk management can feel like an intimidating journey for organisations to get started in. It’s a fairly new discipline and one of the major parts of it is training and educating. Policies, processes and frameworks are only relevant if the employees are aware of them and the context surrounding them. We’ve set up the Travel Risk Academy to be that place of truth, where TRM enthusiasts new and old can come together to share and learn. It’s a very exciting community to be a part of.

Bex Deadman

Bex Deadman is an independent consultant specialising in ISO:31030 and travel risk management for organisations. Her career spans just over 20 years in the travel industry, in both business and leisure. Her career started in adventure travel with Explore!, Bex went onto work for Getabed (now Stuba) as their Ops and Reservations Manager, before making the transition into corporate travel at HRS. Throughout her various roles risk management has always played a key part, from building strategy and policy to being a part of the crisis management team.

In 2013 Bex joined Blue Cube Travel, a bespoke, high touch Travel Management Company (TMC). Initially in sales, in her 8 years there she took on the role of Commercial Director and eventually Managing Director. It was here that Bex pioneered NDC adoption, (being one of the first TMCs to go live in the UK), a value proposition based on risk management and an alternative commercial model, the subscription fee. NDC adoption gained Bex industry-wide recognition as a constructive disruptor in the 2021 Business Travel News Hot List, as well as Blue Cube winning a host of awards under her watch, including BTN’s coveted best TMC of the year in 2020.

Bex interest in travel risk management (TRM) came to the fore in 2019 when she was involved in the final stages of the development of ISO:31030 Travel Risk Management Guidance for Organisations; she now actively evangelises about the standard and is co-opting with the British Standards Institute (BSI) on the evolution of standards in this area. Her clients include both large domestic and global organisations, as well as TMCs and other travel service providers, all wishing to understand more about TRM and how to align their businesses to ISO:31030. Bex regularly hosts webinars and speaks at events about TRM (and other subjects) and has just launched her own Podcast series, ‘Talk’n’ TRM’, where she creates space for the diversity of TRM to be discussed by herself and subject matter experts.

Sara McKenna

Sara has been active in the fields of Risk, Continuity and Resilience Management for over two decades, and brings a unique perspective, having worked closely on the development of many standards related to the industry.

Sara works with both the Continuity Forum and the Cyber Risk & Insurance Forum, establishing and guiding programmes to ensure good practice and constant improvement is achievable and provable.

Sara works closely with Russell Price, Chair of the Continuity Forum and Cyber Risk & Insurance Forum, assisting with advice and guidance to governments, regulators, and businesses on the management of risk.

With the Continuity Forum, Sara and her team are leading contributors on work to improve Risk and Resilience planning with a focus on Climate and Extreme Weather, Sustainability, Cyber Risk and Societal Resilience.

Currently, Sara is intensively involved in the ongoing development of the New ISO Guidance Standard for Travel Risk Management – ISO 31030:2021.

Sara was awarded the “Best Contribution to the Profession” in 2013, for her work on the third-party questionnaire (3PQ), a simplification of the often onerous procedures behind gaining supplier accreditation. She is also acting as Programme Director for Study Group 3 – a BSI and Continuity Forum proposal for a plan of work to develop risk management materials to support UK organisations to succeed sustainably.

A key theme throughout Continuity Forum activities is engaging business and public sector leaders on the importance of changing organisational thinking and focusing on risk management that enhances organisational resilience that delivers positive change in real world capabilities that builds opportunities and increases value for all stakeholders.

Simon Crane

Simon served in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) for 30 years, operating within the covert policing arena, proactively investigating terrorism, serious and organised crime and police corruption. Simon also undertook a number of strategic projects whilst in the MPS, engaging with key stakeholders from ministerial to practitioner level. In a career highlight, Simon designed, wrote and then tactically delivered the National Covert Security Strategy for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Since leaving the MPS, Simon has gained extensive experience in the commercial sector, operating at Director level within companies involved in security and risk management across the hospitality & travel sectors, as well as leading an international security sector reform project in Libya. Simon was also involved in the development of ISO:31030 Travel Risk Management Guidance for Organisations.

In 2021 Simon started his own consultancy, SC Risk Consulting Ltd, providing a range of risk and security services to clients, as diverse as international hospitality groups and members of Middle Eastern Royal families. Amongst those services, Simon provides travel risk management advice and has now written the only Level 4 and Level 5 Travel Risk Management qualifications on the OFQUAL Register of Qualifications, which will start to be delivered this year.

Simon is an active member of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management, the Association of Security Consultants and the British Standards Institute.